Do waist trainers really work?

Whether you call it waist trainer, waist cincher, waist shaper or any other name, one thing is very obvious! Women are obsessing over them for a number of good reasons. The strongest being the obsession to follow in the footsteps of the supermodels and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Madonna, and Kareena Kapoor. These waist trainers are known to be the most reliable application for getting that hour glass shape. However, there remains a bit of controversy on; do waist trainers really work?

A simple Google search will help you in putting hands on tons of different brands promising you that “size zero shape” (that you’re looking for) but the question at hand is, Do these waist trainers really work? Or are they just “overhyped hoax”?

Let’s start by understanding some basic facts about waist trainers.

  • The process of using a “steel boned corset” to modify your waist into an hourglass shape (with semi-permanent results), might sound exciting but somewhat risky for your body. However, scientific evidence suggests that it’s completely safe.
  • Coming to the basic question, whether these waist trainers work or not. The fact is! There is no such thing as a “best waist cincher” which would miraculously turn your waist to the perfect minimalist figure that you dream of.
  • Waist cinchers basically compress your waist and stomach area (while you’re wearing it). This results in a slim-fit shape and appearance. However, to attain that figure on permanent basis, you’ll have to do a lot of hard work (by a lot I mean minimum 2 hours per day, 7 days a week properly planned routine workout).
  • Maintaining a proper physical regimen (coupled with the waist trainer usage) and diet plan for a period of straight 2 years will reduce your body fat by 25% or so. 
  • Corsets affect women according to their genetics and body type. For example, women having a waist-to-hip ratio of less than 0.9 experience better results with waist trainers than those with a ratio of more than 0.9. However, a positive side of using corsets is that it helps women in stabilizing their otherwise poor postures.

How to pick a waist trainer “just right” for you?

Buying a waist trainer your favorite celebrity markets seems to be a very enticing idea. Isn’t it? I would recommend contrary to this.

Instead of blindly going for a waist trainer (just because your favorite superstar uses it), you must read, research and understand the pros and cons of each model to have an idea about its suitability for your body type and age. Only you know which are the best waist trainers.

For example, novice mothers might go and buy the latest waist cincher to cut down their post-pregnancy fat. However this can be particularly risky to do so if you pick the wrong type of corset (especially in your post pregnancy days). Type of material is also a consideration. Do you need a latex waist trainer? Will you be wearing it at the gym or under an outfit?

The final verdict

As a matter of fact, waist cinchers are a “must have” for every women to help her get into a desirable shape or after having a baby. However, it must be clearly understood that even the best waist cincher is useless without proper diet and exercise plan.

No waist trainer (no matter how expensive or highly reviewed) can help you in shedding those extra pounds and turning yourself in to size zero without a healthy life style and workout routine!

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